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Finally, a proven solution for getting your kid to listen!

5 minutes a day is all it takes for our therapeutic tool to make a huge impact. Rooted in science and easy to use! Ready to give your child exactly what they need?

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Backed by psychologists, pediatricians, and licensed therapists

98% of parents see positive changes in under 3 weeks

Fully customized for your goals and personalized for your child

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Happypillar in the news

"I’ve been using Happypillar for a little more than a month now, and it’s changed our whole family dynamic—we have fewer fights, my daughter calms down more quickly when plans change or she needs to transition, and there are definitely fewer meltdowns, tantrums, and negotiations."

- The Everymom

Our program includes:


Incredible results in just a few weeks


Constantly updated tools and resources – selected by therapists, tailored to your goals and needs


Parent + child sessions that only take 5 minutes per day, fitting easily into your family’s busy life


Advanced progress reports and a customized plan


Personalized analysis by experts and AI


Support to keep you motivated and consistent

Hey, amazing parent 👋

Guilt. Worry. Anxiety. Exhaustion.

These were the words I used to describe my life. My 4-year-old, Winston, would move slowly, I’d yell at him to hurry up. He’d have a meltdown over something small, I’d lose patience. Everything I asked of him became a negotiation.

How many times can a person utter, "What did I just say?" before they lose it!

I felt like I was failing as a parent. My privilege allowed me access to child mental health experts, and I learned some techniques to use with Winston. We got to a (MUCH!) better place.

Parenting is harder today than ever before. We know all parents want what I wanted— to be intentional caregivers, regain peace at home, and bring out the best in their child. But most parents don’t have the time or money to get expert support, or don’t feel their challenges warrant intensive options like in-person therapy. So we founded Happypillar, to bring the knowledge and expertise of licensed child therapists to parents in a personalized, accessible and affordable way. Happypillar is here for you. Let’s try this together.


I've tried other things. How is Happypillar different?

If you’re dealing with a child who yells, throws things, or just won't listen, you’ve probably read all the books and blog posts. Books take time to read, are never updated, and force parents to do intense emotional labor to make changes at the most challenging times. It's impossible memorize all the scripts and tactics from books or blogs. 


A course is cool–but it’s impersonal. There’s no one looking at your situation, how YOU AND YOUR KID are communicating, and making recommendations. You’ve just got one blanket suggestion that’s supposed to work for everyone. And it might not. 


Happypillar is personalized for you and your child and adjusts as things change. Individualized support is the key for making real changes. Also, Happypillar's strategies are evidence-basedThere are decades of research and hundreds of studies on the effectiveness of these techniques. 

But the really incredible thing is what’s happening with kids whose parents use Happypillar (check out those real parents below.) Just try it for 2 weeks and see what you think.

See what changes in 2 weeks


of parents saw a positive change in their child's behavior. 


of parents reported a decrease in their own stress levels.


of families would recommend Happypillar!

The results speak for themselves. Here are more parents who discovered this listening hack:

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