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Recommended Partners

Happypillar is grateful and proud to call these organizations our friends and partners in holistic pediatric health. Whether or not Happypillar is right for you, these partners meet different needs at many ages and stages with your child. 

Experience the future of pediatric care - Blueberry members get 24/7 access to pediatricians who provide advice, urgent care, treatment, and even prescriptions when necessary for hundreds of childhood illnesses and symptoms.


If your child is too old for Happypillar, we recommend looking into Manatee, where you can get 1:1 therapy for children up to age 18. Manatee is mental health for today's family. Grow together with virtual care. 

Where parents find and share the nitty-gritty answers for kids’ health and development. Let Sleuth guide you, from eye contact to teenage rebellion, and headaches to energy levels

Tiny Health is the first gut health test for moms and babies 0-3 years. Detect gut imbalances and course correct early on. Now offering microbiome tests for the whole family!

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