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3 year old tantrums let's get it longer! Things to say ok?

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FREE for the first 7 days then $79.99/yr.
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Guilt. Worry. Anxiety. Exhaustion.

These were the words I used to describe my mental state as a mom.I couldn’t handle my X-year-old: endless arguments, overwhelming tantrums, constant defiance. I knew he was smart, funny, and sweet, but I hadn’t seen that side of him in a while.

So I called a friend for advice--a friend who happened to be a child therapist-- and she recommended a form of play therapy:

For only 5 minutes a day, you sit down and play with your child while following specific guidelines, and their behavior magically improves. You meet with a therapist weekly who observes your interactions with your kid and makes suggestions on how to get those daily 5 minute sessions just right.

It costs $200 a week, but this therapist friend of mine said it’s totally worth it.


"I just worry we’ve ruined him."

Here’s a screenshot of an email I sent to the therapist about my kid. Btw, this was the third therapist I’d tried–no one had openings, long waitlists. Trigger warning for swears. Also some typos, but that’s what you get with real screenshots.


Sound familiar? I was ready to try anything, even willing to spend $200 a week. I was a little skeptical about a 5 minute session–and honestly, the “therapeutic guidelines” seemed like things I was already doing–but I was desperate. So I decided to just commit to this. It felt like I’d tried everything else.

Diligently, we did our 5 minute sessions. After a week, there was one night I said “Alright–bedtime!” and he just said “OK!” and started going upstairs. No argument, no temper tantrums…just “OK!” 🤯 And within a few months, our son was himself again.

Everything changed.

His behavior improved DRAMATICALLY. Almost zero temper tantrums. Even his preschool teachers noticed. Here’s a text from one of them


I was thrilled! But I also had to check my privilege. I’m a white woman with economic advantages. Most parents don’t have $200 to spend on weekly therapy. Most parents don’t have a cushy tech job with the ability to take an hour off midday to talk to a therapist with their child in tow. My son’s therapist assured me this treatment is beneficial for all children so they can be the best versions of themselves. But most parents can’t access this.

I was thinking of all the parents who are feeling the same stress about dealing with their kids, and they literally can’t take time off or they can’t afford the therapy. They have no way of fixing this.

So that’s the first thing that made me want to help. But I also had another thought which was:

What if you could see these changes in your own life?

What if we could take all the principles of parent-child interaction therapy and turn it into something you could use at home without needing to see a coach or therapist? Something more customized than a parenting book, more personalized than a generic “online course”.

This would save everyone time, money, frustration, you name it.

But most of all, it would create happier families with the tools at their fingertips that they need to succeed.

What if everyone could get rid of tantrums?.

As seen in


FREE then $79

Only 5 minutes per day, fits easily into your family’s busy life

No need for books or courses

Incredible results in just a few weeks

Real-time feedback

Personalized analysis by experts and AI

Support to keep you motivated and accountable

Advanced progress reports and a customized plan

Constantly updated tools and resources – selected by therapists, tailored to your goals and needs

Join thousands of parents who blah blah blah.


"It's like we flipped a switch: she doesn't argue about everything, I don't lose my temper, and it just feels like everything got easier." 

-Michelle W.


"Thank you so much for Happypillar! It’s truly fantastic! Definitely wish I had this sooner for my son. Taking the time to have one on one moments is so important and this app has truly supported our time together being the most beneficial"



"If you have the spoons for 5 minutes a day, I really love the Happypillar app. LET ME TELL YOU, it works. Giving just 5 minutes of totally dedicated happy time has made such a difference in (1) my level of mom guilt and (2) my kiddos overall behavior and mood. Cannot recommend it enough."



"This app has been a game changer for improving aggressive behavior in our 3 year old! Our kids ask for Happy Time every day now. If you are struggling with a kiddo who hits, scratches, bites, runs away, etc. give this a try!"



"Okay, so I was skeptical about this app because I work with kids. But after waking up to a boy who greeted me with play and cuddles this morning (after months of being ignored and asked "where's daddy?"), I'm a convert. Highly HIGHLY recommend you get this and at least do the free trial. 😍"



"Amazing app! It changed my life and my kids'. Truly a life changer!"



"I have tried many different apps but this one is the BEST. Very resourceful and aligns with our parenting style."



"Wow! I love the training that comes with this app. I am an educator, but this analyzes communication in a whole new and beneficial way."



"Love love love! The tool I didn't know we needed when dealing with my son's big feelings. Being a first time mom is hard enough but honestly Happypillar makes it easier!"


Happypillar wins the 2022 National Parenting Product Awards
Happypillar is reviewed by the Organization for the Review of Health and Care Apps
Happypillar wins the Mom's Choice Awards Honoring Excellence
Happypillar is named a Best Place for Working Parents 2023

But how is this 

A book takes time to read, is never updated, and forces parents to do intense emotional labor to make tough changes at the most challenging times. I was never able to memorize all the scripts and tactics from books. 


A course is cool–but it’s impersonal. There’s no one looking at your situation, your progress, and how YOU AND YOUR KID are communicating, and making expert recommendations. You’ve just got one blanket suggestion that’s supposed to work for everyone. And it might not. 


These strategies are evidence-based. In fact, we have a whole page of information about the science behind Happypillar and research on the effectiveness of this program. 


Also–this is the crazy part–Happypillar can give you immediate, on-demand feedback on your 5 minute daily session, making sure you’re using the right techniques, and using the right words, for your child. Seriously, just like when a therapist would observe my session and coach me, this app can do exactly that. Which is very cool! 


But the really incredible thing here is what’s happening with kids of parents who are using Happypillar.

The results speak for themselves. Here are more parents who discovered this tantrum hack:



After 7 Days you pay $79 for a year of unlimited access - cancel anytime.

Customized support for real results

Evidence-based, recommended by psychologists

Limited time web-only promotion (you won't see this price in the app)

It's 100% risk free.

Seriously,  this will help you.

Finally feel like a good parent. 

can change your life.

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Happypillar wins the 2022 National Parenting Product Awards
Happypillar wins the Mom's Choice Awards Honoring Excellence
Happypillar is reviewed by the Organization for the Review of Health and Care Apps
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