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Early childhood mental health: Nurturing the mind. Building the future. 

Happypillar is a revolutionary, therapist-designed mental health program offering empirically-supported strategies that benefit children’s emotional and psychological wellbeing. 

Available at home, in schools, or through your healthcare provider. 

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Happypillar wins the 2022 National Parenting Product Awards
Happypillar is reviewed by the Organization for the Review of Health and Care Apps
Happypillar wins the Mom's Choice Awards Honoring Excellence
Happypillar is named a Best Place for Working Parents 2023
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How It Works

How Happypillar Works

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Just like brushing kids' teeth promotes dental health, Happypillar is daily maintenance for mental health. 

For each child, Happypillar designs a customized plan and creates a program of 5-minute daily therapeutic sessions.

Neuroscientists have found that the tools provided in Happypillar are proven to help children build emotional regulation and frustration tolerance.

We identify users’ skills, needs and goals, and recommend personalized exercises and techniques. We also use mood and behavior tracking to identify trends and highlight progress.


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Trusted by families
across the country

Happypillar is already used by thousands of families in all 50 states and over forty countries. We have 5-star reviews on every platform.


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The Happypillar Difference

Happypillar is the first of its kind--providing an evidence-based mental health support program using cutting edge AI and machine learning. We use speech recognition, natural language processing and other AI technologies, while prioritizing privacy, safety and efficacy. 

The Happypillar program offers expert guidance and personalized recommendations to promote early childhood mental wellness. In collaboration with healthcare providers and educators, we support parents in nurturing their children’s unique strengths and supporting their growth. Happypillar also assists with behavioral challenges, fostering healthy development and boosting academic success. 

Happypillar is based on clinical research and neuroscience, incorporating established therapeutic practices specifically designed to support secure attachment in early childhood, as acknowledged by the AAP and the CDC. 

Designed by licensed clinicians, and using groundbreaking technology to personalize the experience, Happypillar is the premier evidence-based therapeutic tool available for use at home.

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Jane Grey

"Happypillar makes evidence-based behavioral parenting methods accessible for busy parents. I recommend trying it!"

Jane Gray, PhD
Child and adolescent psychologist

Director of Clinical Training, Counseling and School Psychology at The University of Texas at Austin and Happypillar clinical advisory board member


of parents saw a positive change in their child's behavior. 


of parents reported a decrease in their own stress levels.


of families would recommend Happypillar!

The results speak for themselves. Here are more reviews from parents who use Happypillar. 

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