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Some pretty polkadots to inspire parents to get help with their kids emotional regulation

Parenting made easier.

Award-winning app with on-demand parent coaching, right in your back pocket.
A cute butterfly to inspire parents to get help with their kids mental health
2 biracial children in white shirts that say Happypillar, laying on a slide and smiling
Happypillar wins the 2022 National Parenting Product Awards
Happypillar wins the Mom's Choice Awards Honoring Excellence
Happypillar is reviewed by the Organization for the Review of Health and Care Apps
Happypillar is named a Best Place for Working Parents 2023
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What parents are saying:

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"It's like we flipped a switch: she doesn't argue about everything, I don't lose my temper, and it just feels like everything got easier." 
A cartoon image of a black mother and son playing with blocks during Happy Time, a practice within Happypillar
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The Happypillar app offers on-demand, expert guidance and personalized recommendations to promote positive parenting and foster healthy development. We support parents in nurturing their children’s unique strengths and supporting their growth. We also help with behavioral challenges like temper tantrums, fighting bedtime, ignoring directions and more.

Happypillar is based on clinical research and neuroscience--not just opinion. We turn expert knowledge into practical, easy-to-use strategies that transform your family.

Bring joy back to your life and strengthen your relationship with your child so you can enjoy every moment.
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Real-time feedback for your family’s best emotional health
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Evidence-based content from licensed therapists

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Proven to support social-emotional learning 

A beautiful butterfly here to help you be calmer parent, a gentle parent, and a cycle breaker
How It Works




An iphone showing Happypillar, an award-winning parenting app

Just like brushing kids' teeth promotes dental health, Happypillar is daily maintenance for mental wellness. With Happypillar, you can build on your family’s strengths when things are going well, and get back on track when there’s a bump in the road.

In just five minutes a day, you will:


  • Learn how to make the most of playtime with your child

  • Receive immediate feedback

  • Build connection and improve communication


The more you use Happypillar, the better it gets at helping you help your child.

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Happypillar is the first of its kind--providing an evidence-based mental health support program using cutting edge AI and machine learning. We use speech recognition, natural language processing and other AI technologies to observe parenting skills and provide actionable feedback to parents.

Our voice and language analysis can understand specific words and phrases and our AI makes recommendations designed for your specific situation by licensed therapists. We recorded and analyzed over 14,000 minutes of parent and child conversations, and used that data to train these tools. Happypillar’s process mirrors how therapists look at parent-child interactions in live sessions and give comments and feedback. To ensure accuracy, licensed child therapists are consistently reviewing our system to make sure it functions accurately.

We take privacy seriously and protect family data as if it were medical records. We follow industry leading security standards like HIPAA and SOC 2 to keep your family safe.

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Two white girls, one white boy, and one biracial girl, sitting against a wooden wall, smiling widely and wearing white shirts that say Happypillar
A butterfly here to assure you that you are not a bad parent and your child is not broken
Sam and Mady, co-founders of Happypillar, looking gorgeous and standing by a bicycle

The story behind


Happypillar was founded in 2022 by Sam Gardner and Mady Mantha, who realized they could use technology to bring the knowledge and expertise of licensed child therapists to families everywhere with ease and simplicity. Our founders believe that all families deserve access to evidence-based tools to help them thrive in communication and connection. 

Happypillar is here for you. Let’s build calmer, more connected families—together.

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A butterfly telling you to download Happypillar, daily maintenance for evidence-based early childhood mental health

Try                                today!

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