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Take the stress out of parenting.

Being a parent today is hard. Happypillar can help. Our methods result in significantly improved behavior, reduced caregiver frustration, and a happier, calmer family.
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                      provides evidence-based mental health support to families everywhere!

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No insurance, diagnosis, or paperwork needed
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Unlimited sessions with real-time recommendations designed by licensed therapists and powered by machine learning

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Costs 99% less than traditional therapy

The story behind


Guilt. Worry. Anxiety. Exhaustion.
These were the words I used to describe my life. My 4 year old, Winston, would move slowly, I’d yell at him to hurry up. He’d have a meltdown over something small, I’d lose patience. Everything I asked of him became a negotiation. I felt like I was failing as a parent. Eventually, the crushing overwhelm was too much, and I knew I needed help. 
My privilege allowed me access to child mental health experts, and I learned some techniques to use with Winston. We got to a (MUCH!) better place.

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I was telling my friend and renowned AI expert Mady all about the stress of parenting and we realized that solutions to parenting problems are really hard to access. We knew that all parents want to be intentional caregivers, regain peace at home, and bring out the best in their child. But most parents don’t have expert support or don’t feel their smaller challenges warrant intensive options like in-person family therapy. So we founded Happypillar, to bring the knowledge and expertise of licensed child therapists to parents via the power of language machine learning. Happypillar is here for you. Let’s try this together.


💖,  Sam and Mady





Parents learn play therapy skills via interactive training

Happypillar observes daily 5-minute exercises called Happy Time, between parent and child

We analyze the techniques used in each session and deliver immediate, personalized feedback designed by licensed therapists and powered by machine learning

Users track parenting skill development and visualize child's behavior improvement over time

How we're different

We’re the first to offer fully tech-enabled mental health support for early childhood, overseen by licensed clinical therapists and augmented by cutting-edge machine learning and natural language processing technology.

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has happy users!

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"I love that it's a short time commitment and she feels it already. I'm so glad I started doing this!"
- Suzie P., mom of two (4 and 7), Brooklyn, NY
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